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This is for…
Those who are promoting 5S activities
Those who are organization management who want to develop staff with 5S
Those who are leaders of 5S activities
Those who want to improve business skills
Those who are staff at consultant companies that promote 5S

■5S activities which can develop staff and power of workplace

Hello, everyone! I’m Matsuda from Katsu Consultant.
Thank you so much for visiting this page.

Many ambitious organizations are currently working on 5S activities.
5S is methodology and technique of management initiated in Japan, and is now being applied to a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, service, distribution, and medical, not only in Japan but also around the world.
The higher the level of quality or service that companies offer, and the higher their staff positions are, the more they recognize the importance of 5S.

However, I also hear some issues:

●Why do we need 5S? We can’t explain it well.
●Staff are not proactive for 5S activities and we always need to keep an eye on them.
●Is it enough just to clean the work place for 5S?
●Current achievement level is not clear, and the level they should reach is not defined.
●The effect of 5S is not clear.

And more.

Therefore, this free e-Seminar explains the basics of 5S and unknown important know-how and important keys which are often misunderstood, including frequently heard issues and solutions.
Please refer below for the lecturer Mr. Matsuda, Katsu Consulting
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◆Contents of Free e-Seminar for 5S activities

1. What is 5S?
2. 5 objectives of 5S activities
3. 2 meanings of Toyota strategic 5S activities
4. Improvement of business operation which is initiated with “seiri”
5. How to deal with items which you can’t dispose of immediately
6. Keys for “seiton” and case study
7. 2 reasons for staff development by cleaning
8. Differences between companies which utilize 5S and those who don't
9. How to make 5S a habit
10. How to work on 5S systematically?
11. How do you measure 5S effectiveness?5 methods

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Presents for subscribers

We will offer you below for our subscribers.

■Kaizen sheet in Excel file
・You can easily share 5S improvement cases by pasting photos before and after Kaizen

■3S level evaluation sheet in Excel file
・self-evaluation will help them recognize the current situation is not as good as expected and share what needs to be achieved.
・3S level evaluation sheet available for factory, office and warehouse.
・Regular evaluation will help you to set targets and evaluate level of development.

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