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For promoters whose companies are currently working on 5S activities
For senior management staff who are interested in 5S activities
For project leaders of 5S activities or Kaizen activities

Katsu Consultant was established in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan by Eiichi Matsuda in 2006.
I brushed up my know-how to implement kaizen activities and how to activate it
by utilizing my tough experiences, trial and error at previous consulting companies
and the Central Japan Industries Association.

I introduced small group activities which are based on 5S to over 60
organizations/400 work places and this has greatly activated work place,
developed people and organizations and at the same time, this could make
great results in saving cost and time.

Work can be more creative by implementing 5S in work.
We would like to expand the fun of 5S kaizen throughout Japan and the world.

New articles

I would like to show you some examples of Kaizen which subdivide store place.

Goods in process between different operations used to be all placed together at one location before kaizen.
This generates following issues:
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I would like to show you some kaizen examples for "lost falling objects"

Staff needed to go to get falling equipment at the opening part of pit on daily basis.
Therefore, all staff tried to think of the cause, and below were some of them:
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Take a small step for Kaizen, and staff started to discuss for Kaizen in everyday life.

We will again show you Kaizen ideas and thoughtful examples from presentations of small group activities with staff on the spot

・Multinational team which consists of five different nationality members. Foreign staff do not speak frankly in regular meetings.
  ⇒ Pick up Kaizen topics from their complaints by having a meeting in casual talk style.

・What team values.
  ・Pretend not to see Kaizen topics・Continue to steadily perform small Kaizen
・Kaizen activities with all staff involvement

・Placement of check sheets were not in order ⇒ Sorted in P/No.
・Store place of check sheets and equipment tools are far from actual work place ⇒
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5S in Malaysia (vol.2)

I would like to report about “5S Excellence Workshop Part2” which was held in Malaysia for three days.


5S project leader Mr. L showed the video and introduced 5 S activities at one developed organization in Kuala Lumpur ot the opening ceremony on the first day.

・Each tool has their own fixed place to store.
・Each materials are stored vertically.
・Tilt parts for quick retrieval and storage
・Use forklift which can lift both left and right in very narrow aisles in storage so that you don’t need to change direction.
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5S in Malaysia

I had an opportunity to visit Malaysia for the first time as a Katu Consultant. It was a Malaysia entity organization which headquarter is located in Germany. They have been applying 5S by learning from their German headquarter or Japan entity and then they would like to learn directly from 5S specialist in Japan and were seeking for a lecturer and found me from Katu Consultant homepage (I’m so honored!).

In Malaysia, Malay, China and India ethic co-exist and they speak mother tongue with the same ethic people, but English is being used as a common language. It’s embarrassing to say but I can’t speak English so I performed workshop with interpreter.

Below is my report of 3 day 5S Excellence workshop.
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Surprising and impressive 7S activities presentation

Presentation of 7S kaizen activity was held in February by the top tile maker of Fajimi city, Gifu prefecture which I got to know since last year. The 7S is unique to this company by adding speed and safety.
It was great event that they proudly presented in formal suits with ties while they usually work hard with being covered with mud and dust.

I will introduce some below.


・General affairs department did devoted 7S activities in shared area. All staff corporate and does continuous work at car parking, rest rooms and shared space. There were even no fallen leaves left in the garden. Even bank branch manager was surprised at their work.
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Innovation and improvement

Kaizen activities were implemented by many dedicated companies including Toyota.
Kaizen activities should be one of the major factors Japan could be one of the greatest economic powers in the world.

Kaizen refers small changes by introducing a better method based on current situations.

On the other hand, innovation refers large changes which can totally change to new ways with zero based thinking.

Don’t you think innovation will yield larger results and sounds better?
A great consulting master which I got to know at the previous consulting work place used to say...
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