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■ How to promote 5S activities which can develop staff and workplace power (volume 12)


◆How much should we improve by 5S?

◆Editorial Note


◆How much should we improve by 5S?

Thank you so much for reading this e-Seminar.
It's been three months since this e-Seminar has started.
Some of you may take new actions and saw some changes around you and some of you may take action after you learn and get to know things more.
I hope this could be more useful and answer your question in this extra e-Seminar.


We have been working on 5S and can’t recognize how much we should continue improvement.


Thank your for your question.

Do you feel 5S is endless?
How much should we continue improvement?

It is exactly the same as sports, and my answer is "until you reach the extent of your
If you try to reach the extent of your evolution,you understand that "being forced" won't work.

Without voluntary motivation, you can reach this level. I
For example,if we discuss about seiri (throw away all rubbish and unrelated materials),seiton
(set everything in proper place for quick retrieval and storage),

1. There are a lot of unnecessary items and removed

2. There was no place to store so set place to store

3. Label the store place
(Above is regular seiri and seiton. This is possible by ordering staff. We don't know if the
staff follow the order though…)

Below is the real start of Kaizen.

4. Improve label for easier recognition

5. Set everything in proper place for quick retrieval and storage by considering of work flow

6. Control the quantity of store items at the store place

7. Reduce the size of store place (to reduce stock and products in process).

8. Arrange all process for smooth assembly line

Above is just example, and you can evolve as much as you like.
It is an ideal that 1. all items have their own place to store and be labelled 2. Lay-out is
efficient and 3. No extra distance between work stations.
So, this is the status that transportation and stagnation are reduced to the utmost limits.
It is impossible to have a status without any unnecessary transportation and stagnation, so I
can say Kaizen is endless.
Unless you have specific target, you cannot keep motivation. Once one thing was improved,
praise them and let them feel satisfied at having achieved it and find the next target on their
own initiatives. This is the ideal way.
I hope above was useful to you.


◆Editorial Note

Thank you very much for continue reading this e-Seminars.
Hope you understand that 5S has deep meaning in terms of technical aspect as well.
Material 5S links to work 5S, and this leads to human and organization development.

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