Take a small step for Kaizen, and staff started to discuss for Kaizen in everyday life.

We will again show you Kaizen ideas and thoughtful examples from presentations of small group activities with staff on the spot

・Multinational team which consists of five different nationality members. Foreign staff do not speak frankly in regular meetings.
  ⇒ Pick up Kaizen topics from their complaints by having a meeting in casual talk style.

・What team values.
  ・Pretend not to see Kaizen topics・Continue to steadily perform small Kaizen
・Kaizen activities with all staff involvement

・Placement of check sheets were not in order ⇒ Sorted in P/No.
・Store place of check sheets and equipment tools are far from actual work place ⇒ Set store place near work place
・Maintain of mold control system is troublesome ⇒ Usage of magnet made it easier
・Place drill press nearer to other process

・Thoughts of team
・Perform Kaizen even it is minor
・Enjoy Kaizen ・Do not ignore and abandon staff in trouble
・Some staff get backache by using desks ⇒ Made height controlling type table by themselves.
・Carts were out from staging area and lost ⇒ Set art staging area and displayed.
・Using gummed tape on the foreign matter prevention cover and looked dirty.
⇒ made the cover again. Do not use gummed tape any more.

・Changed the store place of product basket to main passage.
⇒ This enabled Fixed-Course Pick-Up staff to walk from U-shaped to straight line walk, and eventually walking time could be reduced more than five hours.

・Foreign matter prevention covers are directly placed on the floor.
  ⇒ Hang on the desks, and this enabled easy fetch and put back. No dust will go in.

・It is difficult to take out labels from box.
⇒ made it easier to take by placing plastic carton boxes athwart

・ Equipment tools are placed anywhere at each facilities.
⇒ Set central tool store place and this reduced searching to zero.

・Lot information used to be stamped on lot cards
  ⇒ Input information in Excel and this contributed to the reduction of time more than four hours per month

・Created international shipment control board
  ⇒ Not necessary to check Stock lot control documentation, amount of stock, and actual products of fast in and fast out
・Place photos at the shelf of fraction, and this has reduced time to search P/No, and this has reduced time to search P/No.
・For those who do not suggest for Kaizen, ask if they have any concerned.

・Inventory of oil and fat managed by labels.
⇒ This reduced stock into half, and enabled no more double arrangement, time to fill in purchase slip and search for stock.
・Set store place for work in process on the operation desk. Paste operation number by magnet plate.
⇒ No more time for search.
・Rent manuals and visualize return on magnet plate.
・Utilized personal equipment management ledger and reduced unnecessary equipment 30,000 yen annually.
・Kaizen idea from single person can be more influenced by his/her own interests, but team can generate better ideas for all.
・Most of rules are followed. Female staff are nagging and male staff listen.
・Fix the store place per P/No. and labeled at the store place for export products.

・Draw line by chalk instead of using white tape, it is cheap and stays on asphalt.
・Displayed P/No. of work in process
⇒ Displayed client name for easy reference.
・Let staff select the way to display client name from four patterns in different size and patterns
・Label position is high and it is hard to be seen
⇒ placed it lower

・Created map for storage lay-out, and this has reduced two hours for picking process.
・Shipping instruction ⇒ Print after inputting client name rather than manual writing.
・Removed shipping shelf and made extra space.
・Inspection room ~ Some has small side desk and others do not.
  ⇒ made rule to place a small side desk on the right side
・changed lay-out of inspection room
・It is difficult for some staff to get empty boxes
  ⇒ Made rule that staff can keep only one empty box at the side desk
・Created store place for carts, and made rule that staff can place up to two carts.

・Mark the shape of equipment tools at the store place so that staff are aware where to store
・Created “material control board” with color chips, and this visualizes stock amount and status of order of material tins by glance.
・Staff started to discuss about Kaizen.
How is it? Perform Kaizen even it is minor issue.

It is real effect that everybody start to think for each work. Perform Kaizen with all staff involvement and sequence of notice will lead to big change.