Surprising and impressive 7S activities presentation

Presentation of 7S kaizen activity was held in February by the top tile maker of Fajimi city, Gifu prefecture which I got to know since last year. The 7S is unique to this company by adding speed and safety.
It was great event that they proudly presented in formal suits with ties while they usually work hard with being covered with mud and dust.

I will introduce some below.


・General affairs department did devoted 7S activities in shared area. All staff corporate and does continuous work at car parking, rest rooms and shared space. There were even no fallen leaves left in the garden. Even bank branch manager was surprised at their work.
They manage cleaning and maintaining lawn surface, which most of companies outsource.
Compression of car parking fee and office supplies could contribute to cost reduction of 2.5 million yen annually.

・“All documents to be done within 1 minute” and “Common documents to be done within 45 seconds”, Target of General Affair’s department was developed to other work places located in the same floor.

・Planning department were not satisfied with usual Kaizen activities. All staff checked all places carefully again. Performed thorough assessment of current status and repeated Kaizen for extensive area by all staff.
・Improving effect is over 1 million yen annually and what has been changed most is “the attitude toward 7S”. There should be even better way to do. This reminded me the word “Once you made an improvement, you are now standing at the point to make a new improvement” in Toyota.

・International Sales: Changed the store place of files and display method and this has reduced searching and walking actions. Also, opening and closing times of shelves reduced to below 25%. Visualized operation room and saved space and improved operation efficiency.
・Inspection room has become vacant sample object room, and this surprised staff.
First, they started to display line on rubbish bins to indicate the time to dispose rubbish. Then, they changed rubbish bins to corrugated plastic (first Kaizen and second Kaizen…).

・Production: Crated Chinese language Kaizen board which they originally said impossible to have.
It is not a question of possible or not possible, but everyone should give opinions and corporate each other. All staff proudly present in Chinese language.
Organized materials, goods in process, mold and secondary materials to create more space and improved operation efficiency. Time reduction was materialized by clear display on sign boards and improved the equipment storage. This could save over 1 million yen annually.
Also, their independence and feeling of fellowship were established.

・Reduced surplus production and suspense products dramatically by keeping the production amount and order instruction close to the necessary amount. This contributed to cost reduction of 1.5 million yen annually. Set production and order instruction rule to prevent the status reversion.
・Reduced work in process stock by 3 million yen. Drew a line for stock store place so that it is not necessary to use folk lift to remove items. This contributed to cost reduction of 1.4 million yen annually.

・Reduction of cleaning before delivery. This contributed to cost reduction of half million yen annually. Stocktaking used to be done by 4 staff though, this could be done by only 3 staff.

・Distribution warehouse: Framing in red for messages for pick-up service at pick up point.
Distribution staffs were also happy and impressed that it’s done for them.
Once all staff work with that feelings, overall team power will be amazing.

・Distinguished necessary items from the unnecessary ones and organized necessary items so that anyone can find the items easily whenever necessary. This eliminated search time.
・They set target time for assortment of load, and they could achieve it 5 times among 19 times in November and they could achieve 10 times among 11 times in December! The time of questions to be asked for product location has reduced from 82 times to 5 times and shipping handling time has reduced from 114 minutes to 23 minutes.
Changed from three stacking to two stacking and this eliminated any near miss. The number of palette has reduced by 153, and contributed to cost reduction of 1.6 million yen annually.


It made me realize that all staffs taking action for the same direction can produce such significant results.