I would like to show you some examples of Kaizen which subdivide store place.

Goods in process between different operations used to be all placed together at one location before kaizen.

This generates following issues:

・Staff need to search part number.
・First-in First-Out is not possible.
・Stock number is not controlled.

Therefore, store place was arranged for different part number

This is called stoa ("store" in Japanese).

Below should be checked for store place of goods in process between processes
・Flow line of "pre-process~store place for goods in process~post-process" minimized?
・Is First-In First-Out possible?
・Is quantity regulated?
・Are regular production (mass-produced) goods and supplies (special goods) being distinguished?
・Can product be identified at a glance? (Does search time decrease to zero?)

The ideal at the initial point is to turn all store place for goods in process as above.
"At the initial point"?

The goal is to eliminate goods in process!