I would like to show you some kaizen examples for "lost falling objects"

Staff needed to go to get falling equipment at the opening part of pit on daily basis.
Therefore, all staff tried to think of the cause, and below were some of them:

・Staff is working in a hurry
・Temporary placing
・Gloves were covered with oil
・Gap is big
・Large vibration from machine

Then, they started with something they can take action right away that was to arrange a place which temporary placing is not possible and objects won’t fall by machine vibration.

Next is an example of seal store place.

This has reduced the number of falling objects into half, but it was not zero.
Then, they installed drop preventive net.

As a result, the number of falling objects became zero.

Below is lessons learned:
・Improvement should be considered from multiple views.
・Try with the one you can do right away
・See results and take next action

We could also hear below:
・We could materialize what we thought it would be convenient to have
・Each staff have unique thoughts and get different kind of idea
・It was interesting to learn a way of thinking from new staff
・Gained more communication with unfamiliar staff
・We could make an improvement by ourselves
・A variety of ideas came up in my mind during kaizen activity

We can gain a lot of thing during kaizen process in a team.